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My child’s teacher has suggested I see an optometrist for Behavioural Optometry. What is involved?

Modern learning involves a large amount of near vision work where seeing clearly is not the only factor in success. Good vision involves teaming eyes, accurate tracking and fast extended focusing at both distance and near. This should be effortless and efficient to be able to learn for the whole school day. A Behavioural Optometrist will run an enhanced battery of test to cover teaming, tracking and focusing skill as well as the usual distance vision health checks.

Is there a spectacle subsidy for children and young people?

If you have a community services card, a subsidy is available through Enable New Zealand for children aged 15 years and under. The subsidy is also available to children with a current high use health card and very high prescriptions. Click here for details about eligibility and criteria.

Perscription Glasses
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