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Happy Kids with Books


Looking after the eyes of New Zealand’s youngest generation will help ensure their success at school and beyond.

Research shows 80% of children’s learning is visual, so it’s really important that we do our best to identify those with vision problems and fix them.

If a student displays any of the following symptoms, it's recommended they have a learning related vision assessment at Visique Greerton – we are passionate about helping with vision problems. Our team specialise in children’s vision for learning, in behavioural optometry and we offer vision therapy.

Be sure to talk to your local Optometrist if you notice any of the following symptoms:​
  1. Holding reading materials closer than normal.

  2. Complaining of blurred vision or seeing double.

  3. Losing their place while reading or use fingers to maintain their place.

  4. Regularly complaining of headaches, especially around their eyes or the front of the head.

  5. Omitting or confusing small words when reading.

  6. Tendency to rub their eyes or blink often.

  7. Avoiding activities involving close work, particularly reading.

  8. One eye noticeably drifts or aims in a different direction to the other, especially when tired or stressed.

  9. Squinting or closing/covering one eye when reading.

  10. Tilting their head to the side.

  11. Struggling to remember what they’ve read.

  12. Seeming to have a short attention span for their age.

  13. Consistently performing below their potential.

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