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Women Wearing Sunglasses


Prescription sunglasses can be a total game changer for a number of reasons.

Not only do you get clear, crisp vision when you’re outdoors, but it’s also beneficial for the health and protection of your eyes.


You’ll wish you got them sooner!

6 reasons to love prescription sunglasses…

  •  Reading outdoors

    • If you’ve ever sat on the beach to read a book, or tried to read signage or menus while outdoors, you’ll know the struggle of needing your glasses, but battling with the glare. Prescription sunglasses make life more seamless – no more squinting and struggling to read through regular sunglasses.


  • UV protection

    • The sunlight in New Zealand is harsh, and our eyes need just as much protection as our skin does. Prescription sunglasses can block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Did you know that prolonged exposure to the sun can increase your risk of developing cataracts or macular degeneration.


  • Reduce the signs of aging

    • Less wrinkles? Yes please! Glare and bright light causes us to squint, which then in turn leads to fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate skin around our eyes. Wearing sunglasses that help you see better and reduce the glare means your eyes are more relaxed.


  • Reduce the glare

    • Glare can actually be quite dangerous and is the leading cause of eyestrain and vision fatigue. Polarised prescription sunglasses are the best way to reduce glare – driving will be safer and they’re your best option for water-based activities and sports.


  • Safety from projectiles

    • We’re often outside when we’re doing gardening, DIY projects or working on things that can put our eyes at risk. In fact, about 90% of eye injuries ae preventable with protective eyewear. Prescription sunglasses will project your eyes and make seeing what you’re working on easier.


  • Convenience

    • It’s so much more convenient to have a pair of prescription sunglasses. No more struggling without your glasses, or trying to wear big bulky sunglasses over top. If you’re a contact lens wearer, you’ll actually have better vision than you would using your contacts and regular sunglasses because they are custom-made for your vision.

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Did you know that only 1 in 3 people wear sunglasses outside?

Prescription sunglasses are an easy solution to several problems:

  • Sometimes you don’t want to wear contact lenses every day. If you’re suffering from allergies, or haven’t had enough sleep, or maybe your eyes just need a break.

  • UV rays can cause damage 365 days a year, yes, even when it’s cloudy. Make it a non-negotiable part of your healthcare to wear your sunglasses every day.

  • If you need prescription lenses to see clearly and function effectively - prescription sunglasses are the answer. You’ll be able to read on the beach, watch your child score that winning goal and easily spot your friends at outdoor events.

  • Prescription sunglasses will keep you looking good, seeing well and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays all year long!

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Come and see our great range of prescription sunglasses in-store today or ask about them at your next eye exam. 

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Need a pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses too?


Our Buy One, Get One Half Price deal is perfect for you! 

Come have a try on today! Our trained Dispensing Opticians can help you find the right pair for your face shape, colouring and personal style. 


Must include frame and lens. Does not apply to frames only or lenses only. Excludes already discounted lines. Discount is applied to the lower cost pair. Cannot be used in conjunction with Gold Card discount. Not available on MSD contract glasses.

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