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At Visique Greerton, we take our time with each and every client, ensuring every client has a detailed and comprehensive eye exam, we explain clearly what the results mean and give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like.

Visique Greerton is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated and we're passionate about delivering the best service to you. We offer comprehensive eye exams and professional advice tailored to your specific needs, using the latest digital technology to ensure your vision is the best it can be.

Our expert Optometrists, Keith and Brenton, also provide specialist services including Orthokeratology and Behavioural Optometry.


Visit us to see our unique range of fashion frames, precision lenses, prescription sunglasses and contact lens solutions.

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Optometrist and owner of Visique Greerton

Keith qualified in Optometry in 1982 at Auckland University and spent the next five years working in New Zealand, Australia,  and the United Kingdom.

Settling in Tauranga, he developed an interest in preventing and improving vision problems, rather than purely compensating for poor sight. He is one of the few New Zealand graduates from the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF) Clinical Curriculum in Behavioural Optometry. This specialisation in all areas of vision has led to Visique Greerton becoming a referral centre for all aspects of learning-related vision problems.


"Our patients benefit from a unique skill set to solve vision problems which is unavailable elsewhere in Tauranga."


Away from work, Keith is a volunteer lifeguard at Papamoa Surf Life Saving Club and stays fit running and open water swimming. 

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Optometrist and owner of Visique Greerton

Brenton graduated from Auckland University with a Science Degree in 1989 and his Optometry Degree in 1992. 

He worked in Nelson and Queensland (with locumships around New Zealand and Australia) before returning to New Zealand and settling in Tauranga in 1997. An interest in children's vision led him to embark on postgraduate training at the University of New South Wales where he completed a Graduate Certificate in 2007. He has also completed the OEPF Clinical Curriculum in Behavioural Optometry, and is a member of the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry (ACBO) and the Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA).


Outside of work, Brenton enjoys reading, cooking, growing edibles and armchair cricket, with activities such as running, geocaching, Bokwa and biking keep him active.

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Dispensing Optician

Tony worked with Dollond and Aitchison (one of the UK's biggest optometrists) for 32 years before moving with his family to Tauranga in 2008.

At Dollond and Aitchison he worked in a number of roles including as a full time contact lens optician, branch management and regional management. Tony is married with two sons and two granddaughters. Tony is a big sport fan, mostly cricket, golf, rugby and motor sport. During summer you can find him umpiring local cricket matches for Bay of Plenty Premier Cricket. He also enjoys getting out and walking his dog and takes every chance he gets to go flying in his friend's gyrocopter! He's rather fond of red wine, blue cheese and pizza straight from his very own wood fired pizza oven.


When it comes to his job, Tony is passionate about finding the perfect eyewear for every client and enjoys having such a wide range of great quality products to choose from at Visique.


"It's amazing seeing a child with poor sight react to a whole new world of vision when they put their glasses on for the first time", says Tony. 

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Dispensing Optician

Susan is one of our Dispensing Opticians who will help you find the perfect pair of glasses.


Originally from Gisborne, Susan and her family relocated to the beautiful Bay of Plenty on 2005. She qualified as a Dispensing Optician in 2001, and has since discovered the joy in working with young children, especially when they put on a new pair of glasses and realise they can now see things they couldn't before.


Outside of work you'll find Susan dining out, photographing newborns and spending time with friends and family - she just loves snapping photos of her three beautiful grandchildren. If you're going to bribe Susan, white chocolate will get you a long way! 




Celeste and her partner re-located to Tauranga twenty-three years ago from Taupo. They love the opportunities here to spend family time at the beach, to go fishing or to get stuck into some art and craft. Their two children are now fully grown (19 and 23) and are embarking on their own adventures. 

She enjoys food or drinks shared in the company of great friends and also the chance to explore new flavours (even cocktails!)

But what Celeste is most passionate about is living life to the full and staying real! Being true to herself is really important and her personal mantra is to maintain a sense of humour at all times. 

Of her role she says, 'I love seeing the near miracles that are performed on a daily basis. It's fantastic to watch people's lives being improved through the introduction of specialist services.'




Karina recently made the move from Auckland to the beautiful Bay of Plenty, she is loving the atmosphere and how warm and inviting the people here have been.

You’ll often find Karina and her 11 year old daughter, Paityn, adventuring on the weekends, out exploring beaches and walking tracks or ticking off a new experience. She also loves dancing, going to events and festivals with her friends. Karina and Paityn are looking forward to adding a furry family member to their household sometime soon.

Karina has a huge passion for life, her goal in life is to always say yes to new experiences, pack her life with incredible memories and to live in the moment as much as she can. A lover of all food, Karina will often opt for Thai food when out and about and loves to cook Mexican food at home.

Karina is no stranger to Visique, having worked in the Onehunga branch for several years as the welcoming face at reception and helping out with dispensing too. Her favourite part of the job is helping people decide on frames and seeing them light up when they put their snazzy new glasses on. She especially loves seeing people try out the bold and colourful frames and fall in love with them.