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Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) is the only non-surgical procedure that allows you 20/20 vision without the use of correcting lenses during the day.


It is a revolutionary therapy which involves the use of specially crafted contact lenses worn overnight to gently reshape your cornea while you sleep. Upon waking, your corneas will become the correct shape to accurately focus light enabling you to see clearly without the hassle of contact lenses or glasses during the day! To ensure that you will have good vision daily, you must wear these Ortho-K lenses continuously at night.

How does it work?

Ortho-K works by gently remoulding the front surface/window of the eye called the cornea. It does this by using the tears underneath a specially designed mold or lens. The lens itself creates a shape like a dental retainer and it is the sucking force of the tears that actually do all of the work. The lens itself does not physically press on the eye in any way, and is safe and comfortable for users.

​What can Ortho-K treat?

​Ortho-K is commonly used to treat myopia (short-sightedness). It can also be used to treat hyperopia (long-sightedness), astigmatism (unequal focus) or presbyopia (vision after forty). Talk to our team to see if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Tim Eagle, Optometrist and Ortho-K specialist, says "freedom from wearing contact lenses or glasses is a major benefit to patients, especially those who participate in sports, but for younger patients there is another advantage...Ortho-K can really help patients who suffer from myopia."



Ortho-K can help patients who suffer from myopia.


For teenagers and young adults the advantages are two-fold: they can cease wearing their glasses or contact lenses, which many find inconvenient, and it can also slow down the progression of short-sightedness.


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