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This is a question we are often asked...

Post Covid-19, many optometrists have struggled with the supply of new lenses and frames. Customers have told us of their frustration with long delays for appointments and delivery from other optometrists.

Need your glasses or contact lenses in a hurry?

We are currently able to turn around delivery of frames and lenses in less than a week for standard/ uncomplicated orders and in less than two weeks for complex ones.


We are also usually able to fit in appointments within the next 5-10 working days unlike others who currently have a 4-6 week wait. 

We would like to thank our suppliers for their support during this time, as at Visique Greerton delayed supply has not been an issue for us or our customers.

Please call us and make an appointment if you:

  • Have eye health or vision concerns

  • Have trouble seeing clearly

  • Need to update your glasses

  • Need frame adjustments and repairs

Get your new glasses or contact lenses when you need them!

Book your appointment at Visique Greerton today for shorter arrival times for glasses and contact lenses and reduced appointment delays.

Come in and see the difference at Visique Greerton Optometrists. 

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