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Introducing Ronit Furst hand painted eye

Each pair of Ronit Fürst  frames is individually hand painted.


Looking closely, you can actually see the paintbrush strokes and the texture of the paint, just like a painting on canvas.


The frames are designed to look different from every angle, with fine detail and tiny embellishments, graduated colour schemes and asymmetric designs. The ethos of the range is to create quirky, individual styles that capture the wearer's personality. 

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The story that led to this is pretty amazing and all happened quite by coincidence. 


As an avid eyewear collector and a prescription eyewear user since childhood, Ronit was constantly looking for her next frame, but it was the turn of a century and she felt she needed something really special. Failing to find a frame that would satisfy her mood for renewal, she decided to paint one of her existing frames. The result was exactly what she has been looking for, a colourful, lively and super original piece of eyewear. In a way, this one self-made hand painted frame changed her life.

The feedback from friends, relatives and more unexpectedly complete strangers was overwhelming. People were constantly stopping her in the street to compliment and to ask where she bought her glasses…they were sure the glasses were from a trendy boutique in Paris, London or New York. Ronit's husband, Ehud Bibring, recognised the business potential and after a thorough study on the manufacturing of plastic eyewear frames, in January 2002 they established the company Art Optic Ltd.

Creating a Ronit Fürst Frame



Our main concern while developing a new style of frames is always comfort. We invest many hours in fine tuning each style before giving it the go ahead, and we ensure that each style we produce will be comfortable, balanced and reliable.


Upon completion of the raw frame production, frames are transferred to the painting department. The painting process of each frame takes between 5-7 days, requiring several pauses between painting to allow different layers to dry and a very steady hand.

Our production process is one of the longest and most complex in the eyewear industry, if not the longest and most complex. We invest so many hours in each frame because we believe that each frame that leaves our factory is a work of art to be cherished by its future wearer.

Ronit Furst image 4.jpg
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Come try these gorgeous frames on ...

All Ronit Fürst frames are $549 each. 

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