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Refractive surgery describes a group of procedures where surgery is used to correct the focus of vision rather than spectacles or contact lenses.

Originally, laser surgery could only correct short-sightedness but now it also offers hope to those suffering astigmatism (distorted vision) and long-sightedness. The most modern techniques use computer controlled lasers to remove a layer of the cornea (window at the front of the eye) and to reshape it to correct vision.


While laser techniques in refractive eye surgery have been years in the making, only in this decade has laser surgery become truly widespread. It is estimated that up to one and a half million people worldwide have had such operations.

Refractive surgery is best suited for patients who wear spectacles or contact lenses all the time. Most patients do not need spectacles for general wear after the surgery but it is likely that a prescription will often be needed for fine work or as focusing problems (presbyopia) develop naturally in the 40's.


Laser surgery gives speedy results with minimal pain. But this procedure is not suitable for everyone. If you are under 18 years old, pregnant, or have had changes to your prescribed corrective lenses in the past year, we usually do not recommend laser surgery.


The expert optometrists at Visique will be glad to assess your suitability for this procedure, refer you to a qualified provider, and provide follow-up care after the surgery.


Important things to consider before having Refractive Laser Surgery:

Reputable eye surgeons emphasise that not all laser patients will attain 20/20 vision. This depends on various factors, including the severity of the patient’s original vision problem. Some patients may still require glasses or contact lenses for  some tasks after laser surgery.

Those with presbyopia or "ageing eye" which often occurs in one’s early 40’s, cannot generally be fully treated by laser surgery, although in some cases monovision laser treatment may be used for one eye only.​

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