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Which frames and lenses are best for me?

A comprehensive eye test will identify the lenses that are best suited for your specific needs. Our Dispensing Opticians then work with you to find frames you will love to wear.

What will my glasses look like?

It is important that you feel and look good in your new spectacles. Technology has offered huge leaps in function and comfort so lenses can be thinner, lighter and clearer.  Our team will help you find the perfect pair that will fit comfortably and complement your style.

Man with Glasses

What is the difference between Transitions and Progressive lenses?

Transitions™ is a lens treatment that darkens the lens in sunlight. This allows a lens to be a sunglass outside and clear again indoors or at night. Transitions™ can be put on almost all lenses.

A Progressive (or multifocal) lens generally has a different focus at the upper lens compared to the lower lens. Most often this is distance vision at the top and reading vision below but many variations of these are now possible and we customise the design to a person’s own needs. These lenses look simple but have a big chunk of invisible technology built into them.

How long will it take to get used to my new progressive lenses?

Firstly you need to match the right lens for the task (don’t drive a nail with a screwdriver!). With the correct lenses, the majority of people adapt to lens use within a couple of days. Some people with previous concussions or vestibular sensitivity may find adaptation to some lenses more difficult. We can advise on options in these situations.

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