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Contact Lens Solution

Why do I need an eye test for contact lenses?

Modern contact lenses are a high technology medical device; they are very safe if fitted and used correctly but can have serious consequences if abused.


A baseline eye exam allows us to advise on the best lens options, identify any eye health or structure issues that may affect lens wear performance and allows us to identify changes to eyes or vision when contact lenses are worn.

What does a contact lens test and fitting involve?

If you are trying contact lens for the first time, our contact lens fitting begins with a comprehensive vision and eye health test. The various type of contact lenses are discussed and the chosen type may be trialled or custom designed. The optometrist will show you how to use, clean and store your lenses. We will organise follow up aftercare appointments in case changes in the lenses are need for the best fit or vision during lens adaptation.

Note: Contact lenses are medical devices capable of causing serious visual harm if incorrectly fitted or used.

What are the best contact lenses for me?

There are many different types of contact lenses available and our optometrist will help determine which ones are best for you based on your needs, lifestyle and budget. Technology improvements make many more people into contact lens wearers that may not have possible in the past.

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